Scoring & Judging Criteria

At Champion Cheer Central, we are committed to providing a platform where cheer and dance teams' incredible athleticism, dedication, and artistry can shine.

We use the following scoring rubrics and level-appropriate skills guidelines to ensure fair and accurate evaluations.

We are proud to be a United Scoring Partner.

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Scoring Adjustments

Champion Cheer Central is a Partner in The One Global Finals and will update our scoring to reflect the changes that The One Global Finals has made to be consistent for our customers.

After gathering feedback from coaches, The ONE Global Finals has decided to make the following scoring adjustments:

CHANGE 1 - Tumbling

*  We will adopt the United scoring tumbling grid for All Star teams.  There are places on the adjusted grid that require more tumbling of teams of a certain size.  This was never the intention of the adjusted grid.  Aligning ourselves with the requirements of the United system will create consistency for the customers.

CHANGE 2 - L1-5 International Teams

*  We will utilize the scoring grids set forth by the United scoring system for L1-5 International teams.  Customers have choreographed routines with those expectations in mind, and we do not feel they should be expected to change routines to meet a different grid.

This change will be effective on January 1, 2024.  Feedback from coaches is incredibly valuable to us and we are grateful to make this change to best serve our customers.

Score Rubrics/Level Appropriate Skills



USASF Dance Score Sheet – updated 10/23



All Star Scoring Deductions– updated 09/22/23

Please note that rubrics are subject to periodic changes or updates. While we make efforts to keep them current, the information provided here is not intended as a replacement for the official rubric. For the latest and most accurate scoresheets, rubrics, and level-appropriate documents, please visit the United Scoring Partners website by clicking here.

Please direct any scoring questions to


If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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