Turkey Time Cheer and Dance Tournament

Turkey Time Cheer & Dance Tournament

November 6, 2022

THE ONE Cheer And Dance Finals Bid Event

Compete for your chance at a FULL-PAID BID to THE ONE Cheer and Dance Finals!

Paid bids to THE ONE Cheer & Dance


Until Turkey Time Cheer and Dance Tournament!


Wolstein Center

2000 Prospect Ave E
Cleveland, OH 44115


Parking:  Find parking information at https://www.wolsteincenter.com/parking/

Spectator Pricing:

Schedules: All times are subject to change due to cancellations and additions beyond our control. Champion Cheer Central, Inc. may update the performance order several times throughout the week, the schedule will be final the Thursday prior to the event.

Results: Results will be mailed to the coaches.

Fees & Registration Info

On-Time Registration


$55 / per athlete
  • Registration/Full Payment by 10/31/2022


$35 / per participant
  • Registration/Full Payment by 10/31/2022


$25 / per crossover
  • Registration/Full Payment by 10/31/2022

Late Registration


$60 / per athlete
  • After 10/31/2022


$40 / per participant
  • After 10/31/2022


$30 / per crossover
  • After 10/31/2022

Super Regional Event Awards

  • Banners for Top 5 in Each Division
  • Participant Medals
  • Grand Champions Receive Banners and Medals
  • Specialty Awards
  • Battle of Lake Erie Bids at Battle Events

Champion Cheer Central has been producing high-quality competitive cheerleading and dance competitions since 1984. We offer multiple levels of competition from recreational to elite level events and provide each competitor with an experience they'll never forget!

Register Online

You can click here to register online.

Registration Checklist

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If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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