General Competition Information


Registration is open from 9:00 am through 10 minutes prior to the last practice time. Teams need to register before their scheduled practice. All information pertaining to the event is given to the coaches at that time. No formal meeting will be held so teams may arrive at the competition at their convenience. Coaches are encouraged to ask any CCC Representative questions that you may have.

All Star Teams must provide a Team Roster printed from the USASF website and turned in at registration. Teams will not be able to compete without this form.


All schedules are posted on the website the Monday prior to the event by 1:00 PM EST. All times are subject to change due to cancellations and additions beyond our control.  Champion Cheer Central, Inc. may update the performance order several times throughout the week, the schedule will be final the Thursday prior to the event.  Coaches will receive a copy in their registration packets however,  there will be no additional paper copies of the schedule at the event. If you have a scheduling conflict, CCC will do its best to accommodate all teams as best as we can. Please let us know immediately by calling 888-912-4337. Practice times are strictly enforced. Teams that do not arrive at the scheduled time will forfeit their practice.

Although we make every effort to follow the performance order as closely as possible, the nature of any live event requires flexibility.  We encourage you to stay informed of any possible changes in performance times on the day of the event.  CCC cannot be held responsible for parents and spectators who miss performances or award ceremonies.   All times are approximate, subject to change & can fluctuate by as much as one hour in each direction.


CCC Regionals have a 54 x 42 ft. Spring Floor. Dance teams will perform on the Spring Floor at all Regional Events.  Practice areas vary from host venues but, for most events, we provide a 54 x 42 ft Foam Cheer Floor. Only athletes and coaches are permitted to enter the practice/warm-up area at the event. All-Star coaches/personnel must have a Green Light Background Check to have access to the practice area. These coaches/personnel will receive a wristband in order to be recognized as clear to enter the area.


Practice times are strictly enforced. Any team that misses their practice time will forfeit their practice. Due to the high volume of crossovers, CCC will do its best to accommodate teams. Approximate Performance and Practice times are posted on the CCC website the Monday before the competition.


Each participant must have a completed waiver in order to participate in any CCC Event. Any person that does not have a completed waiver prior to their practice time will be unable to perform. Waivers are available on our website under each competition along with the registration form and Code of Ethics. Once a waiver has been completed by a participant, no other waiver is necessary for any other CCC Event during that competitive season. Waivers can be turned in at registration.


Any participant who competes on more than one team within an organization is considered a crossover. That participant will pay one full-price fee and then the crossover fee for every additional team they compete with.


Teams will perform in reverse order of their registration. The team that registered first will compete last in that division.


Regional Events

  • Trophies to top 5 teams in each division.
  • Specialty Awards
  • Battle of Lake Erie Bids at Battle Events
  • Bids to The One Finals at designated Qualifiers

Super Regional Events

  • Trophies for Top 5 in Each Division
  • Grand Champions Receive Banners and Medals
  • Specialty Awards
  • Battle of Lake Erie Bids at Battle Events
  • Bids to The One Finals at designated Qualifiers.


  • Banners for top 5 Teams in Each Division
  • Division Champions receive TShirts
  • Grand Champions Receive Banners and Medals
  • Level Champions Receive Banners and Medals
  • Specialty Awards
  • Battle of Lake Erie Bids at Battle Events
  • Bids to The One Finals at designated Qualifiers.


Champion Cheer Central has Competition Specific t-shirts available as well as other Cheer Clothing such as Shorts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, and T-shirts. Competition shirts are $18. All other cheer clothing ranges from $10 - $25.


Pro Event Photo takes a team and candid photos during all CCC Events. Pictures can be purchased at the event or online. Visit


Please bring TWO high-quality copies of your music. CDs or MP3/Ipods. *Be sure that if you are using a phone, iPod, or tablet that the notifications are turned off. One representative of your group/individual will be responsible for playing the music during the competition. This person must stay at the sound area throughout the entire routine. In the event that the routine is delayed due to the responsible party's error, the timing of your routine will continue and penalties will be in place.


All score sheets are available after the award ceremony at the Cheer Gear Table. Please send one coach to retrieve your team's scores.  Deduction forms will be handed out prior to the awards ceremony at Score Check.


Champion Cheer Central believes in providing a SAFE environment for all participants and because of this, we allow teams to provide their own spotters from their organization. Competition routines and individual cheerleading skills continue to become more dynamic each year. Routines are consistently featuring partner stunts, basket tosses, and pyramids, and tumbling sequences that are nearly impossible to spot effectively without the safety spotters having intimate knowledge of each routine prior to a competition. Teams are encouraged to have routine spotters, but it is the discretion of the organization’s coaches, directors, etc. whether or not they feel it is necessary.

These spotters must follow the following rules:

  • Teams may provide up to four additional spotters for their routine. Spotters should be trained to know proper spotting and catching
  • Safety Spotters:
    • Must be 16 years or
    • Must be affiliated with the
    • Must be attired differently than the team performing (team warm-ups preferred).
    • Must follow all Rules and Guidelines. Rules governing jewelry, clothing, and all other safety concerns must be adhered to by the spotters or will result in a safety violation.
  • Spotters are there for safety purposes only and are not to verbally coach the team during the performance and must not engage in inappropriate behavior before, during, or after the performance, and must exit immediately following the routine. Any occurrence will be considered a general rule violation and will result in a
  • Spotters may only be used for stunts, pyramids, and basket tosses.
  • Spotters are there to catch any falls/mistakes and are not to assist or save stunts.
  • Spotters that do not adhere to the above rules will receive a 5 point deduction per infraction for the routine.


Champion Cheer Central, Inc. asks that the following code of conduct be adhered to during all CCC Events, to ensure a positive experience for all teams and individuals involved.

  • Any questions or concerns that affect a team's performance must be expressed by one coach/advisor to the appropriate CCC official.
  • Any unruly behavior by the coaches/advisors, participants, or spectators will result in removal from the event with NO REFUNDS.
  • There will be no contact with the judges from any participant, coach/advisor or spectator during the competition. The judge's decisions are final concerning deductions, specific rulings, and final placement.
  • We expect all teams, coaches/advisors, and spectators to represent themselves and their community in a positive way.
  • Each team must complete a Code of Ethics form in order to compete at any CCC event. This form is available on our website under the registration form and waivers.


Out of respect for the athletes and other spectators, please turn off all cell phones and pagers upon entering the performance areas.


In the interest of public safety, CCC asks you to take a moment to identify your nearest exit, in event of an emergency, at the event. Keep in mind, the nearest exit may not be in your direct view. For safety reasons, please keep all aisles clear and open.  We appreciate your cooperation.  At most CCC events, there will be a FAN VIEWING AREA for friends and families of the team currently performing on the competition floor.  Once your team’s performance is finished, please exit quickly to make room for the next set of fans.  All other seating is general admission and seat saving is not permitted.  For assistance with handicapped or elderly seating please see one of our Champion Cheer Central, Inc. staff members.


If your team needs to cancel for any reason, the following policies will be enforced. All Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the CCC office.

  • 90 or more days prior to an event, you are eligible to receive a Full Refund.
  • 89-22 days prior to an event, you are eligible to Transfer fees to another event within the same competition season.
  • There is absolutely No Refund 21 days or less prior to the event. There will be no exceptions.
  • There are No Refunds for teams or participants that no-show at an event.

If your team participant numbers change for any reason, there is NO REFUND of the difference. The credit can be applied to another event within the same competition season.


If Champion Cheer Central chooses to cancel an event due to inclement weather and it is not rescheduled, your team will receive a full registration transfer to any other CCC Event.  Host venues may force us to cancel due to unseen circumstances in which case a backup date will be provided. If you cannot attend the backup date, you are free to transfer your fees to another event within the same competition season. Otherwise, if the facility is open, the event will go on. Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time and safely.   No refunds will be made for teams that choose not to attend.


Any coach that feels that a mistake had been made may file a protest with the CCC competition coordinator. ONE COACH per team may speak to the CCC Event coordinator. At this time the scores will be reviewed and discussed and adjustments may be made. Only legitimate protests will be reviewed. Deduction forms will be handed out prior to the awards ceremony.  All deduction protests must be placed before the award ceremony.  No changes will be made after that time and all judges decisions will be final. Any coach that approaches a judge will not be given the opportunity for their complaint to be heard.


For the purpose of competing at a CCC Event, Recreational Cheerleading is defined below. All teams competing in these divisions must meet these criteria in order to compete in these divisions:

  1. Must be affiliated with, report to, and be governed by an organization such as the following:
    1. YMCA
    2. Boys and Girls Club
    3. City/County Parks and Recreation Program
    4. Community Youth Organization
    5. Pop Warner Association
    6. Any other community-run program not associated with a school or all-star program
  2. A team must be able to prove their relationship and affiliation with their said organization if requested. Their organization’s President or higher seated authority must submit a formal letter stating their endorsement.
  3. 50% of the team must have cheered for a sport (i.e. football or basketball) with that association or organization within that cheer season. Proof must be provided upon request.
  4. A team may not have more than 25% all-star athletes on its teams. Proof must be provided upon request.
  5. Team members must fulfill the age requirement for the division that they are entering on/before August 31, 2017. Proof must be provided upon request.
  6. Participants may not represent more than one recreational program in a season. Proof must be provided upon request.

A Recreational/Organizational team may do or have the following:

  • Can hold tryouts.
  • Can have their own practice facility or gym.
  • Can practice and/or attend tumbling classes at gymnastics or All-Star facilities.
  • Can combine team members from other teams within the organization.

If a team does not meet all of the above criteria they may be disqualified.


If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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