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2 Paid and 6 At-Large bids will be awarded to The Cheerleading Worlds


To qualify for a bid your program must bring 50% of your program/location or be 400 miles outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Fifty Percent (50%) can be broken down into one location or the program as a whole. Exhibition teams are not included in the 50% of what is needed, however Prep and Novice teams can be used to meet the 50% requirement.

Cheer Divisions

The bid-winning team must compete at the Cheerleading Worlds in the division in which the bid was awarded.

Cheerleading Bids will be awarded to the TOP SCORES overall. The Full Paid Bids will be awarded to the Highest Scores in the Worlds Qualifying Divisions per the CCC World Bid Declaration. The At-Large Bids will be awarded to the next highest scores. Should a team already have a Paid/Partial or At-Large Bid, the Bid will be awarded to the next most eligible team.

ALL TEAMS will be scored on CCC's Scoring System.

NOTE: 50% of your score from Day One (First Performance) and 50% of your score from Day Two (Second Performance) will be combined to place the teams in the final standing for Worlds Bids!

Bids will be awarded during the Level 6 and 7 awards ceremony, Sunday.

*DISCLAIMER - Although the highest scores will place the teams for the bids, CCC reserves the right to award the bids to the teams that we feel will represent us the best!


If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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