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Champion Cheer Central Events: Parent Resources

Champion Cheer Central's parent resources are designed to provide you with the information you need to make your cheerleader or dancer's experience as smooth and successful as possible. From hotel information for your visit to viewing and seating areas, we hope that this page answers all of your questions! If you have additional questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

The following section applies to all CCC events. For event-specific information - click here.

General Event Information

Though we are NOT a Stay to Play Company, we do work with a travel company to secure local hotel rooms with the lowest rates in prime locations for each event.

Please pass along this link for your parents to book rooms or to hold a room block for your team, email: GameTime travel will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.

GameTime Travel

Competition t-shirts are available at all events, however, we may sell out. Parents, you have the opportunity to pre-order shirts prior to the event to guarantee the size and availability for your child. Email with your name, gym/school, phone number, and t-shirt size and we will have that shirt held at the event for you at which time you can pay for the shirt.

Out of respect for the athletes and other spectators, please turn off all cell phones upon entering the performance areas.

At most CCC events, there will be a FAN VIEWING AREA for friends and families of the team currently performing on the competition floor. Fan Viewing Areas will be located on either side of the judges' table behind the ropes. We will have CCC Staff control these fan areas. Only fans of the performing teams will be permitted in those areas. Once your team’s performance is finished, please exit quickly to make room for the next set of fans. Thank you for your help in this matter.

All other seating is general admission and seat saving is not permitted. For assistance with handicapped or elderly seating please see one of our Champion Cheer Central, Inc. staff members.

In the interest of public safety, CCC asks you to take a moment to identify your nearest exit, in event of an emergency, at the event. Keep in mind, the nearest exit may not be in your direct view.

For safety reasons, please keep all aisles clear and open. We appreciate your cooperation.

Champion Cheer Central, Inc. asks that the following Code of Conduct be adhered to during all CCC Events, to ensure a positive experience for all teams and individuals involved.

Any questions or concerns that affect a team’s performance must be expressed by one coach/advisor to the appropriate CCC official.

Any unruly behavior by the coaches/advisors, participants, or spectators will result in removal from the event with NO REFUNDS.

There will be no contact with the judges from any participant, coach/advisor, or spectator during the competition.

The judges' decisions are final concerning deductions, specific rulings, and final placement.

We expect all teams, coaches/advisors, and spectators to represent themselves and their community in a positive way.

Champion Cheer Central has Competition Specific t-shirts available as well as other Cheer Clothing such as shorts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, and t-shirts. Competition shirts are $25. All other cheer clothing ranges from $8 – $35.

Although we make every effort to follow the performance order as closely as possible, the nature of any live event requires flexibility.  We encourage you to stay informed of any possible changes in performance times on the day of the event.  CCC cannot be held responsible for parents and spectators who miss performances or award ceremonies.  All times are approximate, subject to change & can fluctuate by as much as one hour in each direction.

In this day and age of technology and thinking Green, CCC will not have paper copies of the schedule. A GENERAL SCHEDULE will be available on social media two weeks before the event. A QR Code with the full schedule will be posted around the venue on the day of the event. Your program director will receive the schedule the Monday prior to the event. Schedules are FINAL that Wednesday. Please contact your coaches for performance times and arrival times.

No Cameras with professional lenses will be permitted at either venue. Lenses longer than 3 inches (the size of a credit card) are not permitted.  This is for the safety of the athletes competing. This will be strictly enforced.

RT Event Photo takes candid photos during most CCC Events. Pictures can be purchased at the event or online. Visit

We also have a team photographer who will take team photos prior to warm-up. These are available to purchase at the venue.

Get social with us! CCC has many areas throughout the arena for kids to take some great pics with props and such. We’d love it if you’d share those pics with us on Social Media.

Facebook: Champion Cheer Central  
Twitter: @championcheerce  
Instagram: championcheercentral. Please use our Hashtags!

Event-Specific Information

Parent Information

Turkey Time Cheer and Dance Tournament

November 9, 2024

Parent Information coming soon

Parent Information

Cheer and Dance Through the Decades VIRTUAL EVENT

November 23, 2024

Parent Information coming soon

Parent Information

Lights Camera Action Cheer and Dance Extravaganza

December 7, 2024

Parent Information coming soon


If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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