Dance Rules & Regs

Category Definitions

All Star and Studio: Competition-based organizations which may or may not be owned and operated by an individual(s).

Recreational League: To be considered a recreational league organization, one or all of the following must apply:

  • Governed by a Recreation Council or Board.
  • Are affiliated with a YMCA, a Boy and Girls Club, or your County’s Recreation and Parks.
  • Dance for their associated recreation’s sports club (i.e. football, basketball, soccer, etc.).

School: To be considered a school organization, one or all of the following must apply:

  • Governed by their associated school’s administration.
  • The team’s main purpose is to dance for their associated school’s sports clubs (i.e. football, basketball, soccer, etc.).



  • Solo
  • Duet/Trio
  • Small Group (4-9 performers),
  • Large Group (10-19 performers), 
  • Line (20 or more performers)

Soloists may perform up to three (3) solos, duos and/or trios.


  • Petite — Ages 8 & Under
  • Junior — Ages 9-11
  • Teen — Ages 12-14
  • Senior — Ages 15-19


  • Solo, Duet/Trio – 2:45 min
  • Small Group – 3:15 min
  • Large Group, Line – 4:00 min
  • Production - 8:00 min

Small Group/Large Group prop setups exceeding 2 minutes automatically begin the timing of that routine. Line set-ups exceeding 4 minutes automatically begin the timing of that routine. Please plan accordingly.


All Star/School/Rec Divisions

All Star Teams will be using the USASF Dance Rules & Scoring


Age Divisions and Participant Eligibility

Any team or participant proven to be in violation of the age/grade requirements for any Champion Cheer Central competition may/will result in disqualification from the competition.

Requirements are as follows:

1. The Division (age or grade) of a team is determined by the age or grade of the oldest competitor. NO ACCEPTIONS.

a. The age of the competitor as of August 31, 2019 will be the age used for competition throughout the 2019/2020 season for all All Star/Studio Divisions.

b. The grade of the competitor as of the 2018/2019 school year will be the grade used for competition throughout the 2018/2019 season for all School/Rec Divisions.


Dancers may compete in more than one division and/or category as long as they abide by the age restrictions in all division in which they compete. A dancer may not compete in a Non-Prep Category and a Prep Category within the same style. Crossovers must be accounted for in your registration.


SOLOIST total routine time – Max. 2:30 performance time/ Min. 1:45 performance time

DUET/TRIO/OFFICER LINE total routine time - Max. 2:30 performance time/ Min. 1:45 performance time

TEAM total routine time- Max. 2:15 performance time/ Min. 1:45 performance time

Each Dance Team must have a minimum of four (4) participants to compete in the Dance Team division, or they will be moved to the Duet or Trio division.

PRODUCTION category – Max. 5:00 performance time/ Min. 1:45 performance time

Production routines must have at least 20 members.

Timing of each routine will begin with the first choreographed movement or beat of music and end with the last choreographed movement or beat of music, whichever comes last.


Tiny 6 Years & Younger

Mini 9 Years & Younger

Youth 12 Years & Younger

Junior 15 Years & Younger

Senior 18 Years & Younger

Open 14 Years & Older

Ages as of August 31, 2019 will be the determining factor for divisions determined by age. Duets must have 2 participants, trios must have 3 participants, and officer lines are only for school/rec programs, and may have 4 participants. The officer line category is not for small groups.

CCC Dance Team General Rules & Guidelines

General Rules

1. All teams must be supervised during all official functions by a qualified coach/instructor.

2. Coaches/instructors must require proficiency before skill progression. Coaches must consider the dancer and team skill level with regard to proper performance placement.

3. All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout the event. The director/coach of each team is responsible for seeing that team members, coaches, parents, and any other person affiliated with the team conduct themselves accordingly.

4. All programs should have, and review, an emergency action plan in the event of an injury. 5. Substitutions may be made in the event of any injury or other serious circumstance. Substitutes must also abide by the age, gender and grade restrictions in all division in which they compete.

6. Footwear is recommended but not required. Wearing socks and/or footed tights is prohibited.

7. Jewelry as a part of a costume is allowed.

8. Suggestive, offensive, or vulgar choreography, costuming, and/or music are inappropriate for family audiences and therefore lack audience appeal.

9. Routine choreography should be appropriate and entertaining for all audience members, Vulgar or suggestive material is defined as any movement or choreography implying something improper or indecent, appearing offensive or sexual in content, and/or relaying lewd or profane gestures or implications. Inappropriate choreography, costuming and/or music may also affect the judges’ overall impression and/or score of the routine. All choreography should be age-appropriate.

10.All costuming and makeup should be age-appropriate and acceptable for family viewing.


All competitors, teachers, studios owners, family members and audience members are required to show respect, courtesy and sportsman-like behavior to all competitors, staff, teachers, etc. at all times during the competition. We aim to create a healthy competitive environment in which dancers can enjoy themselves while gaining valuable performance experience as well as learning the nature of healthy competition and enjoying their experience. We reserve the right to remove anyone from an event if he/she is hindering the achievement of any of the above goals. No air horns, bells, whistles, or other noise-making devices are allowed.

Competition Area/Flooring

Most competition areas for dance teams, soloists and duets/trios will be on a 54 x 42 Spring Floor. At Hard Rockin' Nationals and Champions of Dance the performance and practice area will be a 42 x 42 Marley Floor.


One representative may run the music and must remain at the sound table throughout the entire performance. Please bring two high-quality CDs. You should always bring several backups! All CDs must be marked with the team name and division. iPod connection may not be available at all events. Review the content of the music for any inappropriate language or sounds. Music of poor quality may detract from your performance and could affect scoring. It is suggested that music time be recorded three to four seconds under the maximum time allotted due to variations in music system speed.

Dance Deductions

1. Time of Routine: A 1-5 point deduction will be assessed for not meeting the over/under music guidelines. Music times are final and cannot be disputed after the competition.

2. Other Rule Infractions: A 2.5 deduction will be assessed for each of the following infractions:

a. Tumbling Violation

b. Dance Lift Violation

c. Violating any other rule, requirement and/or restriction set forth prior to the event.


1. Wearable and/or handheld items are allowed in all categories and can be removed and discarded from the body.

2. Any items that does bear the weight of the participant is considered a standing prop. Standing props are only allowed in the prop and production category.

Interruption of Performance

If an interruption occurs during the routine performance due to competition equipment, facilities, etc. participants will be permitted to restart the routine from the beginning or at the point of interruption. If an interruption occurs during a routine performance due to your equipment (CD, etc.), participants may either continue the routine or withdraw from the competition. If an injury occurs during a routine performance, a team may either continue or withdraw from the competition. The competition official will determine where the routine continuation will take place in the performance order in either scenario. Competition officials reserve the right to stop a performance due to injury. In any case of the routine being restarted, new scores will be assessed and previous scores will be eliminated.



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