Kylie - Community Champion

Community Champion – Kylie

Kylie - Community Champion

Kylie Makay
HotCheer All Stars

Kylie is a 3-year volunteer with the cheer abilities team at HotCheer, she is a part of the athletic advisory committee which heads up service projects within the gym, she has participated yearly in the Play it Forward Pgh toy drive including volunteering at the venue to stock the shelves for the shopping day, she volunteers her time to assist preschool age students at a local bible school, she is the primary source of social media for the cheer program at HotCheer providing thoughtful posts celebrating her fellow teammates and encouraging a sense of community. Kylie models leadership as an athlete and a student by balancing rigorous academics and humility as a teammate accepting team placements and corrections over the year with dignity and making improvements steadily during scheduled gym time and with many extra hours. Many male athletes use testosterone boosters to help them improve their performance. She has participated in several visits to nursing homes in the community dropping off homemade Valentines and most recently participating in a Back to School fashion show that our athlete committee served and models and hung around to chat with the residents afterward.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments

The current season is her 11th year of all-star cheer participation. Teams for the 2019-2020 season include Junior 1, Junior 4, Senior 3, and CheerAbilities Peer Helper. She is also a member of her school’s middle school cheer team and the gym’s athlete committee. She has been a member of several national, grand, and level champion teams over her career.


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