Chloe - Community Champion

Community Champion – Chloe

Chloe - Community Champion

Chloe Davidson
Geneva Xtreme

Chloé is the founder of the organization and social media movement #iwillsitwithyou. It challenges people to take a moment and sit with someone new at lunch, on the bus, in a coffee shop. To never judge a book by its cover and break the mold of stereotypes. To date, #iwillsitwithyou has made it to over 9000 students in classrooms across the US and Canada, been featured in Art and Beauty Magazine, Cleveland news, numerous newspapers, NYFW, and most recently at Miss World America. Her message is simple: challenge yourself to be better and to never allow others to feel alone or excluded. Stop the culture of exclusion and be the beginning of inclusion.

Cheer/Dance Accomplishments

US FINALS national champ, THE ONE national champ, Lake Erie Nationals grand champion


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