CCC School Divisions and Scoring

CCC offers 2 school divisions - Intermediate and Advanced levels.

These divisions help promote the proper skill progressions as well as align with The One Finals Divisions.

Intermediate Division

Intermediate teams will follow NFHS Safety Guidelines with these additional skill restrictions:

  • STANDING TUMBLING: Flips are not allowed. No standing back tucks or back handspring back tucks.
  • RUNNING TUMBLING: Flips may ONLY be performed in tuck position only and from a round-off or
    round-off back handspring(s). Other skills with hand support prior to the round-off or round-off back
    handspring is allowed. Punch fronts are not allowed. No twisting while airborne. (Exception: Aerial
    cartwheels are allowed.) No tumbling is allowed after a flip or an aerial cartwheel. Cartwheel tucked
    flips and/or cartwheel – back handspring(s) – tucks are not allowed.
  • STUNTS: Twisting transitions to and from an extended position may not exceed ½ twisting transition.
    Twisting transitions to, from and at prep level may not exceed 1 twisting transition. Release moves
    must start below prep level and must be caught at prep level or below. Release moves may not pass
    above extended arm level.
  • PYRAMIDS: Braced flips are not allowed.
  • DISMOUNTS: Only straight pop downs, basic straight rides, and ¼ turns are allowed from any single leg stunt. Up to 1¼ twists are allowed from any two-leg stunt.
  • TOSSES: Up to 1 trick allowed during a toss. Tosses may not exceed 1 twisting rotation.

Advanced Division

Advanced teams will follow the NFHS Safety Guidelines with no other skill restrictions.

Junior High/Middle/Elementary School

Follow the NFHS Safety Guidelines with no other skill restrictions.


If you have any questions or are in need of help don't hesitate to contact us by phone or online!

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