Honorary Cheerleaders

Teamwork builds champions.

Teamwork builds champions. Teamwork also helps to keep the spirits of children with cancer and their families high. With your help & support, Champion Cheer Central has raised over $50,000 in donations to help our Honorary Cheerleaders and their families reduce the stress associated with medical expenses and allow them to focus on helping their children during their time of need. Without your support, we would not be able to make a difference.

2020 Honorary Cheerleader Rah'Janae

LETTER FROM MOTHER: Rah’Janae is my “baby amazing”,  her nickname from friends and family since birth.  At 7 months my ladybug was walking and trying to talk. " I got it "was her first sentence at seven months.  She’s so amazing and very loving, and caring inside and out.  She has a beautiful personality.  She loves gymnastics with her dad, also loves swimming, outdoor fun and she loves computers.  She stays on the computer all the time and I honestly think she knows more about them that I do.  She was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2019 and was one of the hardest things that I have ever endured in my life , other than losing my mother to violence.  This was a definite life changer, especially when it is your own child and even harder when you can’t help them.  With a snap, you can’t make things better for them.  I pray every day and thank God for blessing me with her and also for the team at Rainbow Babies, our new family nurses, doctors for helping us and giving us understanding and hope.  My Lady bug is strong and a fighter.  We will get through this together.

2019 Honorary Cheerleader Marielise

Marielise is our 11-year-old daughter, who is currently being treated for Leukemia ALL, by Rainbows Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

She was diagnosed on September 11, 2017, at the Cleveland Clinic. While receiving inpatient treatments at the Clinic she contracted Pseudomonas (which turned into Sepsis)  and Necrotizing Fasciitis (A flesh-eating bacteria that would eventually take half of her left wrist, including part of her artery, and require multiple reconstructive surgeries and skin graft).

Upon learning of our daughter's critical condition we immediately had her transferred to Rainbows Children Hospital,  where she remained in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 2 months.  Upon admission to Rainbows, our family was told her body was shutting down and unless she responded to the medications (several that were rarely used except in hypothetical situations in medical textbooks) there would be no survival. We were encouraged to make the necessary arrangements and preparations for ourselves and for her. With her digestive system not working, Sepsis coursing through her blood, the Necrotizing Fasciitis eating away at her wrist, Leukemia cells present, and her body in excruciating pain; multiple medications were pumped into her, an NG tube was placed in her and a morphine PCA Pump was given to her to help control the pain. Chemotherapy was halted and doctors and staff worked around the clock to stop the inevitable.

In November, we were told the infection had caused Typhlitis and that she would have to undergo major surgery. The infection had eaten away part of her colon and in order for her body to recover an Ileostomy was placed. The month of November also saw multiple surgeries on her hand/wrist and other parts of her body. In an effort to save her life, drains were placed in her legs and stomach to drain out the remaining infection that her body had now walled off inside her. She could not eat or drink and was fed TPN through a Pic-line in her arm and remained with an NG tube and a morphine pump. Slowly, her body began to recover and chemo treatments restarted. She remained in the hospital from September - to December 2017.

On December 14, 2017, Marielise was well enough to go home for the first time since her diagnosis, and she spent her Christmas surrounded by family, friends and our 3 younger daughters. However, on the 26th she was once again confined within the hospital walls. From December 2017 to January 2018, Marielise remained hospitalized and celebrated her 10th Birthday with Nurses and Doctors.

In January 2018, our family was told the Leukemia had not gone into remission and that she was classified as high risk. This was believed to be a direct result of her chemo being halted due to the infections she had acquired. This meant now, that more intense chemo treatments were needed and more inpatient stays.

2018 Honorary Cheerleader Jessie

CCC 2018 Honorary Cheerleader - Jessie

2017 Honorary Cheerleader #1 Maya

CCC 2017 Honorary Cheerleader - Maya

Maya was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with ALL (acute Lymphoblastic leukemia) on March 16, 2016. She was an active volleyball player and former youth cheerleader who loves life! The past year she has gone through so much. There have been very difficult times during treatment that she really struggled to find the courage and strength she needed, but she fought and fought and is now getting past a lot of the really hard parts of treatment. Maya will continue chemotherapy until July of 2018. Maya's friends and community have been so supportive of her journey and it really keeps her spirits up to know how much people care. Maya hopes to return to volleyball next year when she has regained some of her strength back.

2017 Honorary Cheerleader #2 Sammy

CCC 2017 Honorary Cheerleader - Sammy

CCC is Proud to Introduce to you our Second Honorary Cheerleader Sammy! Here is her story! On Wednesday, November 16th, our four-year-old daughter, Sammy started showing signs of fever and aches and pains in her limbs. At first, given the time of year, we attributed much of this to flu-like symptoms so we kept her on bed rest, fluids, and Tylenol to reduce the fever.

Monday the 21st came and we got her an appointment for that afternoon. At this point, it hurt her to move and even standing seemed to cause extreme pain in her joints. When the doctor noticed all these symptoms she wanted to send Samantha out for blood work to eliminate some possible options. After giving us some choices on where to go, I elected to take her to the ER at Rainbow Babies and Children hospital to get the fastest results and to be where we needed to be in a worst-case scenario.

An hour later we got the results and found out that Sammy had leukemia.

While that sounds bad, it could be much worse. The particular strain of leukemia she has is highly treatable in children and has a 90% chance of being in remission after her first month of induction treatment and full elimination after 2-3 years of outpatient treatment. Her treatments began on November 23rd and already her numbers are moving in all the right directions. The doctors, nurses, and the rest of the staff here have been extremely helpful and reassuring with everything and Sammy has been eagerly looking forward to going home as soon as she can.

2016 Honorary Cheerleader #1 Sophia

CCC 2016 Honorary Cheerleader - Sophia

This is Sophia Freida Greer and she is 4 years old. In January 2015 Sophia’s mother picked her up from daycare and that evening Sophia said her tummy hurt and she began to vomit and would not stop. She was taken to the ER where they found she had a large tumor on her left kidney, and the tumor had burst. They informed us they would need to transfer her to University Hospitals where they would need to do emergency surgery.  They had to remove her left Kidney. They diagnosed her with Wilms Cancer.

Sophia loves to spend her days dressing up as a Princess. She loves to play with all of her Princess dolls and Princess Castle. We watch YouTube videos on how to make princess dresses out of Play-Doh. Sophia is a Girly Girl!

Our family is extremely grateful to have so many caring, loving people in our lives. Your encouragement, thoughts, prayers, and support are what get us through each day and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

2016 Honorary Cheerleader #2 Raegan

CCC 2016 Honorary Cheerleader - Raegan

My name is Raegan Lanier, I was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of four.

It was really hard for my family and me. I went through 2 1/2 years of chemotherapy and other procedures to make me better! I lost my hair twice during treatments and some setbacks but I'm doing better now.

I live at home with my little brother Jaylen and little sister Kaidyn my Mom and stepdad, I love my family. I am in the first grade and I really like to read chapter books most of them called Junie B. I'm so happy I'm doing good.


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